In The Eyes Of Another
Sometimes the extra things people do just to be ordinary...are what make them extraordinary


A recent cancer survivor is coming to terms with his "new" life, one that will soon be forever changed when he meets a young woman battling an illness of her own, juvenile diabetes.


A cancer survivor forms an unlikely bond with a young woman with type 1 diabetes.  Having recently finished treatment and in remission, Paul is adjusting to his new life and way of living, something Grace has already known about for most of her life.  Refusing to talk about what he deals concerning his illness with anyone else in his life, and feeling like she would actually understand, Grace becomes that person he can talk to.

Away from home at college, and feeling like she doesn’t fit in with the college party scene, she is lonely and looking for an escape from the reality of her surroundings.  Feeling as if the world looks at them a little differently, they are both looking to find someone who can relate to what they are going through, and end up finding a safe haven in each other. They are happy to have found another person who truly understands what is like to have a life changing illness, and caring for one another helps take their minds off their own everyday struggles, as well as giving them both a stronger sense of purpose.    


Knowing that they care about each other, but not realizing they may actually be in love with each other, it becomes a battle of pride vs. pity, which ultimately leads to their downfall.  He meets another woman with the same illness as Grace, and this is when his lesson in what juvenile diabetes is really like begins, something Grace was too proud to show and kept hidden from him. 


It takes seeing it in the eyes of another woman to know what Grace dealt with, what she was really all about, and just how much she really did care about him.  Now, is it too late to show her how much he really loved her and win back the one person he could talk to?

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